We support over 90 missionaries from all over the world who share the love of Christ with the lost. Learn more about their stories and how you can help them here.

A/G Trust:  New and healthy churches/scholarships/resources
Anthony, John and Mary:  Sensitive*
Assemblies of God – NCN:  Training/growth/resources for district
Babin, Kevin and Karla:  Springfield, MO – Deaf Cultures Ministries
BGMC:  Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge – Missionary awareness/support
Bible Alliance:  Garrison, Alton – World Missions Board /Executive Presbyter
Caudill, Chet:  Springfield, MO – Speed the Light/National Youth Ministries
Cogan, Wade and Susan:  Eagle River, AK – Native American Ministries
Convoy of Hope:  Jeff Swaim – Mobilize resources: feeding/outreach/disaster
Creps, Earl:  Berkeley, CA – 360 Church – Church planters
Crossover Youth Basketball:  Turner, Omar – At-Risk Youth
Gaiduchik, Victor and Irina:  Mather, CA – Slavic/Russian Ministries
Hammond, John – Chi Alpha:  UC Davis – Davis, CA – Campus Ministry
Hoskins, Rob and Kim:  World Missions – OneHope: God’s Word to Children of the World
Jorquez, Augustin and Cindy:  Sparks, NV – Native American Ministries
Klier, Will and Jennifer:  Chi Alpha – UC Davis – Davis, CA – Campus Ministry
Love, Inc.:  Sacramento , CA – Churches helping community’s needs
Olencamp, Tim:  Chi Alpha – CSUS – Sacramento, CA– Campus Ministry
Orme, Brian:  Chi Alpha – San Diego – San Diego, CA – Campus Ministry
Puffpaff, Steve and Kim:  Caribbean School of Theology /Former City of Refuge
Return Fare for Foreign Missionaries:  Assist Missionaries return home from field
Sacramento Dream Center:  Sacramento, CA – Inner City/Homeless
Sacramento Teen Challenge Mens:  Sacramento, CA – Life-controlling problems
Sacramento Teen Challenge Women:  Sacramento, CA – Life-controlling problems
Sender Funds:  AGWM – Assist New Missionaries to the field
SF City Impact:  Huang, Roger – San Francisco, CA – Homeless/inner city
Speed the Light (STL):  Transportation and communication equipment for missionaries
Streamline Church:  Sacramento, CA – Meadowview Area church plant
Sullivan, Ray:  Sacramento, CA –Serving Souls – Counseling/Recovery
Truth Ministries:  Manteca, CA – Benjamin, Darwin and Yolanda – Addiction
Wilford, Daryl and Sabina:  Kaneohi, HI – Deaf Evangelism Mission Outreach (DEMO)
*Sensitive = Evangelism is restricted. Publishing the location could endanger their safety.
Aldrich, Stephen and Cindy:  Haiti – Building Projects
Devine, Mark and Jean:  Colombia – Church planting
Echevarria, Edward and Diana:  Argentina – Teaching/evangelism/church planting
Files, Michael and Dodey:  Santiago, Chile – Country Coordinator for LACC
Greer, Priscilla:  Guadalajara, Mexico – Teaching Bible College
Jones, Kirk and Yvonne:  Panama – Children evangelism
Hoover, Richard and Sharon:  Brazil – Training/Education
Latin America Child Care (LACC):  Schmidt, Phil – Children in extreme poverty
Mc Donald, Bill and Connie:  Ecuador – LACC/school/Unsion Biblical TV Network
Natua, Maika and Tina:  Trinidad and Tabago West Indies – Trafficking/evangelism
Rance, LaDawn Dominican Republic – Human Trafficking
Sandoval, Emily:  Lima, Peru – Church/teaching
Smith, Henry and Ivonne:  Ecuador – Church/slums
Souza, Rick and Sharon:  Global Teen Challenge – Addictions
Wagner, Dave and Mary:  AGWM Builders International – Bible schools/projects
Churchill, Todd and Amy:  Congo – Bible school/leadership development
Johns, Grey and Emily:  South Africa – Cry Africa Area Director; HIV/AIDS training
Hanson, Scott and Karen:  Nairobi, Kenya – Live Dead – Evangelism
Mc Gaffee, Dan and Noreen:  Nambia – Church plant/train national pastors
Mueller, Ronald and Donna:  Angola – Church plants/Bible schools
Smith, Kent and Michelle:  Kilgali, Rwanda – Church plant/youth center
Turney, Mark and Victoria:  Lome, Togo West Africa – Bible school/training
Aderman, Tanya:  Cambodia – Compassion Ministry
Boyer, Bill and Lavonne:  Phillippines – Mobilizing Missions/Bible College
Matsunaga, Daniel:  Nishi-ku Fukuoka-ken, Japan – Church plant
Mc Clure, Benjamin and Wendy:  Thailand – International church
Paris, Bill and Carol:  Japan – International church
Northern Asia’s Compassionate Touch:  Compassionate outreaches to poor
Cawston, David and Nancy:  India
Clark, Doug and Ruth:  Sensitive
Cusic, Kara:  Siberia, Russia – Teaching/church planting
Eurasia’s Future:  Outreach to children
Grant, David and Beth:  India – Project Rescue – Human Trafficking
Maddock, Brice and Jaylyn:  Slums of India – Global Teen Challenge
Project Rescue:  India – Human slavery
Bock, Jacob and Julie:  Spain – Evangelism and Prayer
Gallina, Gary and Michele:  Macedonia/Kosovo – Compassion/Church Planting
Glugosh, Raegan:  Romania – High risk mothers and babies
Inman, Tim and Lauri:  Northern Ireland – Reaching children
Knutsen, Jim:  France/Europe – Train international students and leaders
Krajicek, Joy:  Grenoble, France – Loving University students & immigrants
Lewandowski, David and Michelle:  Poland – Evangelism/church plant/training
Mac Isaac, Bob and Bette Sue:  Vilnius, Lithuania – Teen Challenge – Addictions
Stump, Dan and Kathy:  Barcelona Spain – International church
Venturella, Greg and Cheryl:  SE Europe – Area Directors AGWM